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I miss you guys. I wish my love for sims would come back!

Okay so everything I’ve posted of ts4 and this family, were pictures taken during the first 3 days the game was out. 

So before I post anything I played after that, I’m going to queue some Lujack posts because I’m really not abandoning ts3 for ts4. I just played A LOT when the game first came out.

Anyway, the Griffins will be back soonish.

Oh hey, Tony. I forgot you existed. Sorry bro.

You broke it, you fix it.

Chipmunk cheeks!

The braid is so cool :)

Takin’ a selfie! #selfie #TeenStatus #nofilter #crazy #colorful #hashtag

Here she is all made over. She shares her mothers affinity for unnatural hair coloring.

I still can’t decide if awkward or pretty or both

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