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Despite the fact that Juliet is still all singed 3 days later, you know, after Julian set her on fire, they seem to be getting along.

Anonymous: u bought it???????????????

I did, yes. 

Welp. There went my resolve against buying it. I always get sucked up into the hype tbh

skysims pls



So - my new scanner is being the trolliest of trolls, right now. Ergo, I had to literally snap a photo of my holding the sketch I drew for Kate. ALL MY SIGHS. But, obviously this is her sim Jasmine with Niko and Troy. I call it:


This is the coolest thing ever.


Adam and I are trying to figure out how many sim grandbabies we have and I was looking in /tagged/simerica on my blog and found this and i cant even.


Petal Windsor » Loner || Easily Impressed

The youngest of the Windsor children this generation, Petal gets to call the shots when it comes to mom and dad! Sometimes Petal just wants to be left alone with her toys and certainly lets whoever is trying to coddle her know that she is not down for it! However, as much as she likes being alone with her toys, she is definitely a Daddy’s Girl and so far he is the only one she does not mind being around at all times. 

In the Future: If Petal wins, she will be the first Windsor to be a single mother. 

If you want Petal to be heir, vote for her here!

The poll is open to multiple voting, so make sure to vote for your favorite as much as you want! 

Team Petal :)

The game trolled when he aged up so this is the only picture I have of him as a teen before it crashed. 

Anyway, Jimmy looks A LOT like his dad! Like his eye color is Anya’s and he is tanner than Aang and that’s about where the major differences end. 

Jimmy’s turn!

He’s going to look much more like his dad, Aang. I can tell.

Also this means that all of gen 3 Lujacks are teens now! woooo self sufficiency! 

And he has a standard Lujack face. I mean, I like the face and all but its nothing new.

Jasper’s bday!

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