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"Why don’t you show me your room? We could have a real nice time up there, you know."

"Not a chance, Sean. What if I told you that I wanted to wait until I was married to have sex? What would you say then?"

"That you slept with your last boyfriend, so that doesn’t even make sense!"

"Ah, but you aren’t my boyfriend. You still have yet to formally ask me out. Did you forget that little part of the equation?"

"Sorry that I’m not following some archaic set of courtship rules! This is the 20th century!"

"It’s the 21st. I waited years to have sex with my last boyfriend, he asked me out, he loved me, he asked me to live with him. he was a gentleman! That’s why we slept together. You’re just some jack ass that wants in my pants."

"Go back to him then! If he will take a bitch like you back, that is."

"Get out of this house, Sean. Get out!"

"Fine. See you never. Don’t even think about coming back to my practice on Monday. You’re fired, Dr. Grimes."

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  2. amiisims said: GTFO SEAN
  3. hab3rdash said: he can’t fire her for that. She can sue his goddamn pants off.
  4. simnixie said: excuse my language but…he’s a total dick for this -_- she’s better off with out that jerk face BACK TO ODIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. simmingly said: Ugh, what an ass.
  6. blackghostwaltz said: Smh. Damn.
  7. simcopath said: and that is why you never mix love and work. also why you never should have left Odin without hearing him out Sharrie~
  8. oneupmushroom said: you take up for your ex boyfriend, Sharrie! :’D
  9. firecrackertofu said: Well shit, son.
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